I attended a Yogaroma experience with Susan and Melissa on a Friday night, after a depleting long week and a long day. The Yogaroma combination was soothing and empowering for both my spirit and my body, and I felt restored and at ease when I left the studio. I was grateful to have this chance to be taken care of this easily and this thoroughly. The yoga practice was balanced, allowing me to stretch and soften and release pent up tension, and the Do-Terra essential oils were a sensory bath that really helped complete the experience. I am a fan, and I will be on the lookout for another Yogaroma event to go to.
— Andrea T.
I truly am thankful for the yoga sessions. Your style if teaching is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I enjoy learning the correct positioning of the poses for maximum results. As well, my muscles are really tight so staying in the positions longer is ideal for me. It always feels like a safe place to be. The music is always great and the poems are a fantastic way to end the session and begin the day. Thanks, again, for being there.
— Tammy N.
My search for the perfect yoga class is over! I’ve found my yoga home with Susan Quigley. She encourages us to take our time getting into each pose and once there, helps us adjust to protect our body best. She takes the time to learn all of our sensitive spots and is quick to give alternate poses. We work down the body spending a full class on each area, leaving us healed, stronger and more limber. Susan continues to take workshops to educate herself within her practice and imparts her new knowledge with us. Coupled with her great music, caring touch, and smiling face, Susan creates a class I never want to miss!
— Jen B.
I love my classes with Susan because she is a really passionate and involved teacher. She corrects me if I’m not doing it correctly. Susan also has the best music and she is always prepared and does different classes each time.
— Kajsa M.
I hope we can do more of those classes!
— -Sarah (8 year old YogAroma participant
I really enjoyed the yoga retreat and really hope you arrange another one soon. For me was the perfect mix of peace and vigor, and the readings you shared throughout spoke right to me. I didn’t even realize the mineral baths were there so that was an added delight that made the whole experience healthy for mind, body and spirit. Thank you.
— Jennie W.
I highly recommend Susan’s yoga class! I love her gentle teaching style; the right balance between a challenging workout and a relaxing environment; and I LOVE the lavender eye bag and aromatherapy spray (if you choose it) at the end of class. I have been enjoying her classes, retreats, and special events for over a year now and just adore her! She always has such positive, thought-provoking and inspiring messages and quotes to share with us during class. Thank you, Susan, for bringing such joy to my life through yoga.
— Kim L.
I simply adored the YogAroma class. The essential oils, the candles, the music and you wonderful ladies along with the gentle yoga made for an incredible experience. It was truly a perfect 90 minute experience. The vibe of the room was so calming and supportive. I didn’t feel any of that judgement vibe you get in Marin sometimes. I felt like such a goddess getting anointed with the oils. What a unique and wonderful experience. I am so grateful to you both.

-Robin V.